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Baron Hector de Branne | Introducing – ‘the baron’ |

An iconic brand, with a twist

Your perfect cocktail, served from a Land Rover Defender…surely some mistake? Actually no, it’s real. But what did you expect from a company whose sole business is based on mixing things up and serving them in unusual and innovative ways?

So we took a British motoring icon, the Land Rover Defender and turned it into a fully fledged cocktail bar ready to serve the finest drinks wherever you are…literally, wherever you are. We don’t mind if your event is in the middle of a field, on a beach, your back garden or your company car park…if our four wheeled drive beauty can get there the party is most definitely on.

Once set up “The Baron” is a completely self contained pleasure vehicle complete with lighting, sound, a fully stocked bar and happy bartenders ready to work their magic.

The Baron is available for private parties but can also be an integral part of a product launch, a quirky festival bar, used for sponsorship opportunities at events, sporting fixtures and corporate hospitality.

For the drinks industry our Land Rover Defender is a unique and innovative way to showcase new products or create a highly conspicuous point of presence. It’s fun, it’s decadent, it’s…The 43 Club on wheels!

UK Registered Design No. 4033281

Reasons to consider “The 43”

The 43 Club, Baron Hector de Branne