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Bespoke Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire & Bartender Hire London UK

Our services go beyond extraordinary.

Hospitality is at the heart of what we do and whatever the occasion, we’re here to give it life and soul. 
Combining creativity with the most hospitable service imaginable.

The 43 Club are a team of experts here to help you with exquisite and perfectly executed drinks, served with utter generosity and attention to detail.
With all the in between bits to create exceptional events from private parties, weddings, brand launches, corporate events, festivals and more.

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Our bartenders serve our drinks for The 43 Club like a badge of honor. They’re the best in the business, they love what they do - and it shows


When we work with your brand, we’re playing on tastes and senses. It’s about evoking emotion, not just making the drinks, as we captivate customers with what you do best.  

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Let’s drink to the best of times. To the people who make our hearts dance. Let’s celebrate and sing for the sheer joy of being alive. Let’s acknowledge every reason for a party - and never miss the opportunity to create one. 


Ah, dearest Hector; our much-loved Land Rover Defender motoring icon turned sophisticated, fully-fledged cocktail bar. Here’s how we do cocktails with a brilliant twist

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Camp Kerala

The 43 Club has transformed the standard & style of beverages served at CK with a crisp refreshing outlook on drink design, taste and experience; there is no one better.



The 43 Club are our vanguard of drinks innovators, cocktail Extraordinaires, and flavour fanatics. Their unwavering dedication to delivering the ultimate sipping experience with finesse and grace makes The 43 Club the ultimate choice for any occasion.



rhubarb have a great relationship with the team at The 43 Club.  They always deliver an extremely high standard of service and incredible cocktails.

We would not hesitate to recommend them to our clients and indeed any venues at which we work.

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If you can dream it, we can create it.

We pride ourselves on engaging in all ideas and helping to make them come true, if you can dream it, we can create it and if we need to come up with creative ways to help you get there, we will. We are beyond cocktails. We are creatives, drink connoisseurs, booze engineers, event planners, idea generators and environment enthusiasts.

The 43 Club goes beyond cocktails, embracing life with a daring joie de vivre. We blend exquisite
attention to detail, impeccable taste and lavish service into exceptional experiences you’ll never forget.
Our outlook is always open minded and we’re always up for the conversation, making each experience tailor-made for you.


Unit D5 Access Twelve, Station Road, Theale, RG7 4PN

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