Every business has an impact on the world around it. At The 43 Club, we’re making sure that ours is as inspiring and positive as it can possibly be. Everything we do can be an opportunity for change, from the way we take care of guests, to how we approach to waste and sustainability to support charities that do important and integral work.


Our vision is extraordinarily simple; we want to make life great. To us, the pursuit of a great life means doing what you love, as excellently as you can, so that others can have the best experience. And that’s why hospitality lies at the heart of The 43 Club, brought to life by our exceptional team.


No request is too difficult, no hurdle too big to overcome. Our team work together with a common understanding; that to be hospitable means to be generous. From the way we take care of guests to the way we work with brands, clients and partners to the way we mix exquisite drinks.


Living in the moment, looking confidently into the future, we’re never afraid to take a risk. We want to make life great through beautiful experiences and moments that go far beyond cocktails, we want to make your life great. 

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Preparing Cocktails

We know that the events industry can be a dirty business when it comes to sustainability and waste and we’re committed to managing resources efficiently. We don’t like single use consumption and we’ll go to extreme lengths to re-use whatever we can.


Take all our limes, lemons and oranges that go into our exquisite cocktails. Once the fruit’s been juiced, we put the waste aside to heat, press and squeeze out every last drop, turning it into our signature crafted citrus juices, shrubs and cordials. We put suppliers with a sustainable ethos at the top of our list, choosing drinking straws made from renewable material and offset our carbon footprint for all the vehicles we use, by donating a portion of our profits to planting trees around the UK. The 43 Club is committed to question and refine our impact on people and the planet every step of the way. 

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To date, The 43 Club has supported several charities including MacMillan Cancer, Living Paintings, and Kids Club Kampala, along with various other philanthropic groups, that our Founder is passionate about. 


We believe that investing time is as important as investing money and we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. So, senior staff will gladly dress up as Pudsey to greet school children and take an active part at The Philanthropy Club in London. 

We invite applications from charitable bodies to get in touch with us, so that we can support different work each year. If you would like to tell us about your charitable work for future consideration, please get in touch.  




Our Founder Rewfus Brode, is relentless in his passion for the industry and making exceptional drinks. Rewfus founded the company in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.

Forward thinking and always positive and smiling, Rewfus prides himself on making sure his clients and team are always well looked after, thus resulting in bringing extraordinary experiences to everyone he meets.